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Product Review – Maxisoy+

Product Review: Maxisoy+


Has the grind got you down?

How the hell is it Friday again?!?! Like seriously! And on that note how fast is this year going! My day job is currently going through a transitional phase that in other words means a possible closure. In the meantime I show up, do my work to the […]

The low down on Lupins

Considered a ‘cool’ feed due to their low starch content they pack a massive punch when it comes to protein.

Weanling & yearling sale prep

Balanced nutrition for the long term health of the horse is too often pushed aside for the short term financial rewards come sale time. This is not a horse specific industry issue. It’s also seen all the time come bull sale season. Buyers claim that they prefer to […]

New biological wormer

Soon to hit shelves is an innovative new product entering into the animal health sphere. BioWorma is chemical free and should eliminate the resistance issues that we currently face. It uses a natural strain of fungus – Duddingtonia flagrans – which seeks out and traps the larvae of […]

Dear ‘horse mad’

If horses, the sight, the smell, the touch make your heart race & your body tingle, run with it.  Feed that fire!  Stoke it with all the knowledge that you can learn.  Keep your eyes and ears open.

Halters on horses

How often do you see it, horses & ponies running around a paddock completely unsupervised wearing a halter. If you’re one that does this, ask yourself why? Is it because you saw it in the movies… (cos we know that movies are always accurate 😉) Or because it […]

Good fences make even better neighbours

Increasingly biosecurity & health wellbeing is being factored into management & equine property design & layout. What is best practice? The vast majority of horse owners don’t have the luxury of being able to keep their horses in a ‘bubble’, never to make contact with other horses from […]

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