Product Review – Maxisoy+

Product Review:  Maxisoy+

I’m a fan of Maxisoy+ for meeting specific nutritional & feed needs at times. Most recently to assist bulking out my feed regimes to ensure that all our horses on morning & night feeds feel full. It has a dual purpose with also adding moisture to their dry feeds. Australia is dry continent. Drought is a certainty. With drought comes poorer quality hay (if you are lucky enough to source any of quality) at inflated, exorbitant prices.

Maxisoy+ is designed to be wet down with water, thus swelling in quantity. It can be used as a replacement for hay or chaff, making it valuable in dry times. It’s great for ensuring that your horses are consuming enough fibre & roughage to maintain good gut health.

The threat of colic looms overhead, especially when horses aren’t Hendra vaccinated (vets are holding those with unvaccinated horses to ransom & won’t attend) so you know for a fact that there’s no easy way to heal any gastrointestinal issues. Preventing issues requiring vet visitation is paramount.

We found it brilliant for helping put on condition. It was also quite cost effective. Our horses all seemed to find it palatable & ate it without trepidation. That said they did seem to get tired of it after a while. I’m assuming due to its blandness in taste.

We’ve since changed up our feeds again to add some variety for their taste buds but can definitely foresee using it again as an all-round filler. It added a base level of condition but for us, but didn’t over fatten, or put the shine on their coats like some other feeds have/ do.

EquineScoop rates it a 4 out of 5 scoops for value for money.

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