Has the grind got you down?

How the hell is it Friday again?!?! Like seriously! And on that note how fast is this year going! My day job is currently going through a transitional phase that in other words means a possible closure. In the meantime I show up, do my work to the best of my ability & then go home. My commute is an hour one way & to say that I’m exhausted is an understatement. My daughters commented the other month that my mascara had run & I had ‘panda’ eyes, only the thing was I hadn’t put mascara on that day… Just dark circles, that’s what work will do to you.

Then a work colleague introduced me to something new… Now bear in mind I’m quite honestly the biggest skeptic there is out there when it comes to health products actually doing what they promise. I’ve trialed a lot of things to try & boost my energy levels. I eat pretty healthy & I don’t overeat. I love, LOVE, love coffee & if anyone asks me to give it up it just ain’t happening! Chocolate is my main vice but only in moderation…

I’m not overweight, but am incredibly run down at the moment. Enter my new daily health obsession… Modere probiotics & nutritional support. So far so good!! Better than good, great!! I can feel my body coming back into alignment. My energy levels are through the roof! I feel better than I have for years!

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