Geldings are gorgeous

Contributed by:  M. West

The humble gelding is often seen as being of lesser value than his female counterpart.  This is not without valid reason.  You can’t breed from a gelding if they somehow become ‘unridable’ & worthless due to injury.  That assumption concludes though that just because a mare is able to be bred from, she should be…

I get it I do.  Who wants to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a horse that may, somehow, cripple itself.  Goodness knows horses constantly find inventive ways to hurt themselves!!  We should however be game enough to take a chance on spending a few more dollars on a horse that 99% of the time will give you many, many hours of enjoyment.

It costs just as much to breed & feed & grow out a gelding foal vs a filly or a colt.  It takes just as much time to start and train & put in just as many wet saddle blankets.  Shouldn’t a breeder/trainer at least get their costs recouped & not discounted to hell just because it’s ‘just a gelding’.

What if you just passed up the experience of a lifetime!

Geldings are hands down the best option for kids school horses.  Why? because they don’t suffer from hormonal mood swings.  Maybe it’s just been the horses I’ve dealt with over the years but for sure the geldings have been for the most part been the most consistent and level headed.

My best mare & the sire of my stud is all grit but God love her when she’s horsin’ she’s full on! Not bad, just like a tiger in a cage, hot, hot, that cow better get out of her damn way, full on attitude with a capital A!

So much fun can be had on geldings.  At a youth horsemanship clinic I attended the weekend just gone you wanna know which horses were the most honest for their experienced charges?

The steady old geldings.  Mares were getting themselves in a tizz over new sights & sounds, a couple even requiring the instructor to squeeze himself in to a child sized saddles to sort her out a bit.  Hmmm…

Every year come foaling season eager anticipation for the ‘filly fairy’ is evident among nearly horse breeder you talk to.  When the mares go over their due dates you can just about lay money down that they’ll be extra ‘bit’s’ when it/he decides to finally present himself to the world.

Looking for your next kids horse, don’t overlook the gelding.  Chasing a consistent competition horse, don’t pass that gelding by, you might just be missing the horse of a lifetime.


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