The Campdraft Clique

Contributed by:  Ms K. O.

In most horse sports there is certain level of ‘cliquieness’, ‘snobishness’, ‘bitchiness’ call it what you will.  From my observation campdrafters seem to be particularly ‘clannish’, more so than even the dressage contingent.  It’s not how well your horse performs on the day, it’s whatever your last name happens to be & which particular ‘family’ you’ve married into that will determine your ranking in the line up.  Those part of the ‘in’ club are guaranteed to be at least 10 points ahead of anyone else before they even ride into the camp.  The nominations at weekend events have gotten so big that many are now starting to turn away & compete in alternative horse sports (roping, barrel racing, team penning, cutting).  It’s near impossible to get your noms in. (unless you’re one of the ‘in’ clan)

Campdrafting is Australia’s largest horse sport.  The reasoning behind the popularity is questioned by those outside of the ‘clan’.  For those unfamiliar with the sport it involves cutting a beast (steer or heifer) from a mob, keeping it from running back to the mob, calling for the gate (to open) then chasing it around a predesigned course in a cloverleaf pattern.

Aside from the actual horse competitive side of things the after dark extra curricular activities would put a frat house to shame.  Marketed as a ‘family sport’ I don’t know how family friendly drinking until you’re blind drunk and beyond stupid especially when you’re over 40 is?  What an example to set for the next generation!  And thus the cultural cycle of drunken louts continues unabated…

For those playing at home & wanting to get in amongst it you’ll need a few key items if you want to blend in & be ‘one of the ‘in’ crowd’.

The campdrafter (cowgirl) starter kit:

Flashy shirt, bright paisley or floral curtains/couch looking fabric with oversized neck ruffle.

Last but not least every fashionista/campdrafter/cowgirl needs a sidekick. See exhibit A. Dachhund / sausage dog / everybody has one.


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