Safety in the twilight

Often in order to get our horses worked around our 9-5 jobs we find ourselves either saddled up in the wee hours at ‘sparrows fart’ of the morning in the pre-dawn light or racing back home to beat the dark as the sun sets for another day.

Riding along roadways poses it’s own set of risks from drivers.  In most areas it is written into law that the driver of a vehicle must give right of way to those on their horses.  Many don’t however & sometimes accidents occur from lack of awareness of those utilising the sides of the road.

Increasing your own visibility is one way to mitigate the risk.   In our quest to bring you great products we stumbled upon a couple of super cool LED lighting options.  They sure beat the old fluro vest…   Check out our store for the lasted in horse riding Hi Vis safety options!

Trending in equestrian circles right now are rechargeable LED safety attachments, available in a range of colours.  Grab yours today!

A LED breast collar is one way to be seen!variations

And grab a LED tail attachment to be noticed for all the right reasons!

We’d love to see you using yours!  Please share to go into the draw to win a discount on your next order!


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