Dear ‘horse mad’

Dear ‘horse mad’,

Hi, how are you?

Firstly I’d like to say, you’re not alone.

If those around you don’t understand your passion.  Try not to let it worry you, as hard as that can be sometimes.

It’s OK to be a little on the ‘obsessive’ or ‘horse mad’ as you may have been called, within ear shot.

It’s OK to pour through every horse magazine you can get your hands on.

It’s OK to google equine, horse jobs & careers even if you feel you’re not qualified.

Don’t let those words sting or dampen that fire within.

If horses, the sight, the smell, the touch make your heart race & your body tingle, run with it.  Feed that fire!  Stoke it with all the knowledge that you can learn.  Keep your eyes and ears open.

You can learn something from everyone, even if it’s what not to do.

Equine enterprises contribute billions to global economies each year.

There are many jobs and careers in the equine industry. From stablehand to trainer, from breeder to vet, from health & performance to sales. Not to mention the wide array of disciplines, eg. Western vs English.

Some require tertiary qualifications, but many more require a strong work ethic & a willingness to your way from the bottom up.

Just some of the many learning pathways available in Australia:

Charles Sturt University

  • Bachelor or Equine Science (with specialisation)

– delivered Internally or by Distance Education. Part Time. Wagga Wagga campus. 6 years.

University of Queensland

  • Bachelor of Equine Science

– delivered Internally. Full or Part Time. Gatton campus. 3 or 6 years.

Marcus Oldham

  • Diploma of Equine Management

– delivered Internally. Full Time. Geelong. 12 months.

Melbourne Polytechnic

  • Diploma of Horse Breeding (Stud Management)
  • Certificate III in Racing (Trackrider)
  • Certificate III in Racing (Advanced Stablehand)
  • Certificate III in Farriery
  • Certificate II in Racing (Stablehand)

– delivered Internally. Full Time or Part Time. Melbourne. 18 months.

Victoria TAFE

  • Certificate II in Equine Studies
  • Certificate III in Agriculture
  • Certificate III in Horse Breeding
  • Certificate III in Horse Industry Practice (Performance Horse)

– delivered Internally. Full Time or Part Time. Wangaratta. 12 months.

Australian Equine Institute

  • Certificate III in Horsemanship (Riding, Handling, Behaviour)

– delivered by Distance Education or Clinic based sessions.

ACS Distance Education

  • Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Horses)

– delivered by Distance Education.

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

  • Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy (Advanced/Remedial Massage Therapy)
  • Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy
  • Certificate of Equine Nutrition
  • Certificate of Equine Health
  • Certificate of Equine Natural Care
  • Certificate of Equine Biomechanics (video gait analysis)
  • Certificate of Equine Handling
  • Certificate of Equine Rehabilitation

– delivered Internally. Macclesfield, Vic. Coominya, Qld. 12 months.

International Career Institute

  • Certificate in Horse Care

– delivered by Distance Ed. 31 weeks

We’ll be sharing International Educational Opportunities in a follow up post.

Please feel free to comment with those that you know & recommend.


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