Halters on horses

How often do you see it, horses & ponies running around a paddock completely unsupervised wearing a halter.

If you’re one that does this, ask yourself why?

Is it because you saw it in the movies… (cos we know that movies are always accurate 😉)

Or because it allows you to catch them faster…

Or just because you like that they look ‘owned’.


Have you weighed up the risks…

Worse case scenario. Death. If you’re lucky, just an injury that isn’t too debilitating.

There are many, many cases of accidents & near misses caused by halters, be they rope, nylon or leather.

Just one scenario for you to ponder:

Horse scratches on the fence or stable. (A solid object of some sort)

Halter gets snagged on something.

Horse is ‘caught’, restricted.

‘Flight’ mechanism kicks in.

Horse pulls back, panics, jerks, strikes, kicks…

Horse either gets free or sustains injury or death.

Do you still think it’s worth the risk?

Please share your thoughts & let us know if you’ve had your own ‘smash’ or ‘near miss’.


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